Barry Loser and the case of the crumpled carton


There’s a new Loser in town, and Barry’s not happy about it.

Barry Loser and the Curse of Terry Claus


When Barry discovers that his mum and dad have failed to get him a superhero Future Ratboy costume (the keelest superhero in the WORLD) he is com-per-lee-ter-ly unimpressed to say the least.

Barry Loser and the Holiday of Doom


‘My best friend Bunky is sort of like my pet dog, so it was weird when he suddenly started fancying a cat one day.’

I am sort of a Loser


‘Everyone at school knows I’m the loserkeelest person ever. So imagine how annoying it was when Fay Snoggles came into school one day acting even more loserkeel than me.’

I am nit a Loser


One of the official £1 books to celebrate World Book Day 2014!

I am so over being a Loser

Barry Loser 3

My mum embarrasses me enough just being my mum, but now she’s won this Freeko’s Supermarkets competition it’s even worse.

I am not a Loser

I am not a loser

I am not a Loser is my first ever book. It’s all about me trying not be a loser and getting back at Darren Darrenofski for being so annoying.

I am still not a Loser

I am still not a loser

The second amazekeel book by ME, Barry Loser. You know when someone’s horrible to you in a dream and you wake up really annoyed with them? That’s what happened to me with my best friend Bunky.

My dad is a Loser FREE ebook


For all non-loserish dads and their sons. Read this FREE ebook to find out why I, Barry Loser, am definitely not at all loserish, even though my dad definitely is. Praise for my other book, I am not a Loser, which is about 8 million times longer than this one: ‘Brilliant’ -My mum, ‘Amazing’ -Also my mum.

My mum is a Loser FREE ebook


Look! Another keel short (FREE) ebook by me, Barry Loser, the best book-writer in the whole wide world amen! This one is about my mum and her tea towel. And there’s also a bit about a giant robot octopus. Praise for my other book, I am not a Loser, which is about 8 million times longer than this one. ‘Brilliant’ – My mum, ‘Amazing’ – Also my mum.